Miner Difficulties

Miner Difficulties represents the second installment in the Through The Waterfall Series.  This time you are on a camping trip that appears to have not gone as planned.

Links for individual scenes if you become lost or need to reload:






Caution:  Reading beyond here carries risk of spoilers.

When presented with the Sansar’s Scariest Challenge I wanted to make an experience that not only was scary and told a story but had a truly unique haunting presence of a little mining girl and her bird.

Sadie’s character is based on research of children working in the mines of Appalachia and in the UK.  Often children were used in mines as gophers, trappers, and other small jobs, and many perished along with their adult counterparts in the mines.  Sadie was no different and fell victim to poisonous gas leaks deep in the mine.   Her primary motive is to have a friend with her in the mine and for you to bring your light to her as it is very dark in the mine and she does not want to be alone in the dark by herself.  She and her little bird often lead campers in their sleep from the comfort of their tents deep into the mine where they fall victim to the gasses that claimed the life of her and her little bird.  As you descend deeper into the mine the sounds and voices of other miners that perished permeate the atmosphere and Sadie becomes increasingly unraveled.   The Dark is a very scary place….. Better bring a lightmaybe pic.png



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